No Wonder Why These Natural Teething Remedies Are Good For Your Baby


Everyone wants the best for their child. It’s impossible to look into those new eyes and active minds and not want to protect them. But at the same time we’re often limited by our own experiences. For example, we know that a lot of the overly synthetic treatments and processed diets we’ve lived on aren’t the healthiest in the world. But the idea of trying to move past that for ourselves can be intimidating. Thankfully doing the same for a baby is much easier than one might assume. And natural remedies are often the most effective treatment for difficult conditions such as teething. There are a few remedies in particular which have proven extremely effective for teething.

A little chilliness can go a long way toward relief

Most of us are familiar with the numbness that comes from playing out in the snow too long. Snow, as opposed to ice, tends to have something of a numbing effect while not causing any extreme discomfort from the temperature. This is because it’s both soft and cold at the same time. This should suggest an excellent natural treatment for teething.

One can simply apply some chilliness to an area of a baby or child’s mouth. This can be made even more enjoyable by using chilled foods. Apple slices are one of the best options because they’re healthy, juicy and tend to break apart in small enough sections that they won’t pose a choking hazard. One might also use chilled teething rings. This method in particular has a wealth of scientific evidence behind it.

Fun in sight means other things are out of mind

Sometimes the best natural teething remedies stem from outlook alone. Consider how often a bad day is turned around by a fun event. This is even true in cases of accident and injury. The same principle holds true here.

One can often distract a child from the difficulties of teething with something they love. Teething isn’t fun, but it’s not quite as bad as babies and children assume. It’s especially rough for them because they don’t have coping mechanisms yet. But simply distracting those with an activity or person they love can often be a fantastic remedy. And it can help lead in to other options as well. For example, a child might love a little vanilla ice cream. This would distract the child. And it would help by using cold to numb the area.

Vanilla extract both numbs and distracts

The earlier example of ice cream used vanilla for good reason. Vanilla extract has long been held up as one of the best natural teething remedies. It has a numbing property even in a diluted form. But just as importantly the smell of vanilla tends to work with the previous two examples as well. It offers them distraction. And it has an association with comforting cold foods. This means it will help cheer the child up and distract him while also offering a numbing effect. However, it’s important to keep in mind that one needs to verify that one has natural vanilla extract. Synthetic vanilla is quite common.

Bringing it all together for an effective plan

In the end this brings up an important point. There are multiple effective ways to naturally overcome teething issues. But as effective as any one of them might be in isolation they’re even more effective when cycled. Familiarity with treatments is good. But a child should have a sense of novelty to it as well. This helps to add a little extra distraction for the child. But it also helps them to know that their parents are looking after them and really thinking about the situation. It makes children understand that they’re loved. And in the end this might be the best medicine of all.

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