Parents have a tough job especially with multiple children with full-time careers. Even those parents that have the luxury of one parent staying at home are challenged on a daily basis. As our children progress towards their teenage years they become more self-sufficient but this comes with its own issues. There are warning signs of different things that we might really have to take a close look at to find out the underlying problem. The following are what we need to look out for as parents in order to protect our children to the best of our abilities.

Bullying At School and Online

Bullying takes on quite a few more forms than it had in the past so it is important to monitor our children’s online activity. You child could be getting bullied without you even realizing it. This is not the time to automatically call the parents of the bullies as certain things need to work out naturally. Doing this can make things worse and with all of the internet trolls online today your child needs to develop resilience against this type of language. Teaching a child or teen not to derive worth from likes on social media is the first step to this.

Sudden Dental Issues

Teenagers that have sudden dental issues could be experimenting with different drugs. One common side effect of certain drug usage is grinding teeth and clenching the jaw. Dentists will be able to catch these things like the experts at as they have been trained to do so in dental school and through years of experience. Do not automatically think that sudden dental issues without past issues means this as it could simply be wisdom teeth coming in which is very common in teenagers.

Getting Behind In Classes

Falling behind in school can be extremely tough to deal with as it could be your teen or the teacher might not be reaching your teen. This does not mean the teacher is doing anything wrong but your child might learn in a different way. There is no excuse to fall behind with all of the resources available via the internet to help explain certain math problems to helping with foreign languages. Keep a close eye on grades online as most schools allow parents to see their children’s grades through some sort of online platform.

Trouble Interacting With Others Peacefully

Lashing out at other could be a sign of something much deeper or your teen might need to work on their coping skills. Getting stressed out and starting fights is not the way to deal with things. In fact, once your teen turns 18 and before that can end up in legal consequences. For a teen that is constantly lashing out they need to see a professional as this could be a sign of some kind of social disorder or another mental problem. Being a teenager is hard but failure to interact with peers peacefully is a huge red flag.

The above are signs to watch out for with your kids as it can be tough for parents if we do not know what to look for!