Is Your Child an Aspiring Actor Or Actress?



If your child is an aspiring actor, he/she should know that it is important to get as much experience as possible. He/she should get involved in as many acting-related activities as possible. Getting involved helps to build up a resume, as well as to gain important insights. If your child is in school, he/she should join clubs that are related to theater and acting. Every little bit of experience counts—it doesn’t matter if the drama club in your child’s school is way off Broadway and seemingly insignificant in the world of acting. “A challenge for the actor”is building up a resume and convincing agents and casting directors that the/she is qualified. Experience is the best thing for this.


There are many places to attain an acting education. One can even argue that experience, in and of itself, is an acting education. Some communities have places that give acting classes—many times for a fee. There are higher end acting schools. Some of these higher end schools give degrees and some don’t. They also have different costs. For example, a class at a local place in your community can be about $400, and you most likely won’t get any certification or degree from it. On the other hand, attending New York University for acting will set you back tens of thousands of dollars and you will get a degree.

The Life Of An Actor

Generally, the acting profession can be very up and down, wish-washy and filled with a lack of personal finances. It is not one of those occupations that are known to immediately “get you a long-lasting job and make you money.” You and your child should be informed about this before pursuing his/her passion.

Tools Of The Trade

There are various things that you can do to get your child into acting. For example, you can get headshots of your child. There are certain sources that give information about various casting calls for television shows, movies and ads. It is a good idea to have your child memorize a dramatic monologue and a comedic monologue.

Different Types Of Jobs And Environments

When it comes to acting, there are different types of jobs that you can get. There are background jobs, and there are principal jobs. You can find acting jobs on television shows, live theatrical productions, movies, web series and vlogs. There are a lot of different types of theatrical events. Some theatrical events are in theaters, while others are on cruise ships or are touring across a given area. When it comes to acting in film and television shows, actors can be taken to various locales. An actor for film or television may work in a studio one day, and perhaps work in a random location the next. An actor may have to work in a warm studio—or perhaps even a not-so-well heated cold studio—one day and the freezing outdoors the next. Some acting parts involve working around portrayals of graphic things such as adult behavior, vice and violence. Your child is going to have to decide whether he/she is okay with working around portrayals of those things. If you are thinking about getting him/her into acting while he/she is still a minor, you are going to have to decide whether you would be okay with your child working around those types of simulations.

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