2 Alternative Ways To Become a Parent


Not every couple can have children, and there is no shame in that. Whether you are a same-sex couple, have fertility issues, or have another reason to not have children of your own, there are other options to consider if you still want to be a parent that can still provide the fulfilling feeling of raising a child.


The most obvious alternative to conceiving a child is adopting a child. Adoptions laws vary by state and by country, but almost any couple will have little trouble finding a nationwide adoption facilitator that is willing to work with them. No matter your age, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, or any other factor, there is an adoption center out there for you as long as you can prove you lead a happy and healthy home. Adoption can be more difficult for single parents, but do not give up hope. Thousands of single parents adopt grateful children every year.


There is no easy way around it, surrogates are expensive, but if you think it is the right option for you and you have the monetary means, it can be a fulfilling way to conceive a child. The entire process of surrogacy can cost well over $100,000, so be prepared to take on a hefty cost. Surrogacy uses in-vitro fertilization to fertilize an egg in a laboratory setting, and once the egg is fertilized, it is then placed into the surrogate mother who will carry the baby to term. The surrogate mothers do not have any genetic relationship with the child.

Modern technology has made it easier than ever to have a child even in the most unfavorable circumstances. There are feasible options for every couple looking to conceive or adopt a child, and professionals are willing to help everyone overcome the challenges he or she faces.

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