Family reunions are a wonderful pastime in Texas. It’s a wonderful thing to get the family together, but it isn’t always so wonderful for the host. Here are three tips to planning a stress free family reunion.

Book A Venue

Family reunions Granbury TX can be especially stressful if you volunteer your home or cooking services to the party. Consider booking a large venue or renting a space for the party. It may cost extra in the long run, but you should consider the overall opportunity cost since you won’t be in charge of finding enough chairs or buying tablecloths. If you prefer to have the reunion at your house, hire a caterer to help you feed everyone. Whatever you can do to make the family reunion less stressful is well worth the cost.

Limit At Home Guests

Remember your family home is not a hotel. Unless you have an elderly relative that really needs your personal hospitality, there is no reason for you or your children to give up their bedrooms to their relatives. Instead, politely suggest a variety of hotels and inns at different price points for your relatives. You may be able to reserve a block of hotel rooms at a fixed price if the reunion is large enough. Another reason not to give up your home is that hosts need a quiet place to relax and unwind too. It can be very difficult to do that if you are entertaining at home as well as planning a big party.

Give A Survey

It can be difficult to plan a reunion for an entire extended family. After all, everyone has different needs, wants, suggestions, and possible complaints. Get ahead of the questions and requests by emailing a family reunion survey to those attending. You can ask about dietary restrictions, favorite games, and how long people are planning to be in town. That way, you can plan a fun reunion with a variety of food and fun so everyone gets what they need or want (for the most part.) Remember you probably won’t be able to please everyone 100% of the time, but by asking in advance you can make sure everyone is happy.

Enjoy your family time and relax more by following these tips. Have a great party.