5 Things To Do Before Entering the Kindergarten Classroom


It’s time for the next big step in your baby’s life–elementary school. In a couple of months, he or she will walk through a set of double doors, beginning a journey that, most likely, should span the next 13 years. While you can’t always be there to hold a hand or dry a tear, as parents you might be able to make the transition a bit easier, providing basic foundations that boost confidence for the travels ahead. Here are five things to work on before that first day.

  1. Stop the Nap

Today’s classrooms are full-speed ahead, often tiring out your kiddos. Students whose bodies have already abandoned that break time are more adaptable to the busy schedule, avoiding mid-afternoon crashes and crankiness.

  1. Reinforce Good Choices

Teachers aren’t able to spend as much focus on basic behavior lessons. Therefore, you’ll want to prepare your child for how to handle himself or herself in the classroom. Reinforce sharing. Discuss how to handle the playground time as well as how to sit still in the classroom. If you desire a place that still reviews behavior, look into private kindergarten tampa florida schools. These institutions would have more flexibility in how they approach students and class time.

  1. Start Sight Word Practice

One of the best pre-reading skill sets is to understand Fry’s top 100 sight words. These common terms do not follow basic phonics, yet they appear in almost any text someone reads. The sooner kids learn to know them the easier it is to become fluent. This is usually a primary task of the first year. Print or make flashcards, reviewing maybe 3 to 4 each week. You could even play fun games such as goldfish or matching.

  1. Review Numbers

Early learners should be aware of counting skills, particularly going up to 100. While this may seem tedious, you can pull out the goldfish, cereal or candy, adding up anytime you have a snack. In addition, there are tons of songs online that make the activity fun and upbeat. Simply listen to a few songs each day.

  1. Understand Early Writing Skills

Believe it or not many youngsters don’t know how to hold a pencil properly. While that may seem insignificant, it’s actually vital to making writing easier. The wrong positioning could put too much pressure on the hands, turning something enjoyable into a frustrating chore. Practice tracing letters and numbers. While it doesn’t need to look perfect, the print should appear legible.

Cherish the moments. Make these practices lively and memorable.

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