7 Tips To Ensure Your Kids’ Safety When Moving


Doing some tasks like packing for a moving day can be a challenging undertaking especially if you’re moving with kids. Yes, you heard it right. Relocating with your young ones becomes a bit harder since their safety should be your top priority. In such a case, you should carefully plan your move to ensure a safe and smooth process for them.

Read on this article as we’ll provide 7 tips to keep your child safe throughout the relocation.

  1. Make sure all dangerous packing materials are out of your kid’s reach

When you’re moving, you probably need to pack all your stuff prior the big day. This means storing a variety of packing materials such as boxes, tapes, dollies, cutters, bubble wraps, and many more anywhere in the house. However, these items shouldn’t be placed anywhere, especially when your kid is in the vicinity. Instead, keep these supplies out of their reaches such as putting them in one place like tall cabinets, counters, and even drawers.

Moreover, be careful with the cardboard boxes because their sharp edges may injure your child along the way. Given with all these possible hazards, always make the safety of your little one a primary concern than any moving task you’re currently doing.

  1. Pack hazardous and delicate items when your kid is asleep or not in the house

Sometimes, your kids may tend to help you in whatever chore you’re doing. However, you can’t lend a hand to them if the task involves packing of breakable items such as kitchen utensils, dinnerware, knives, and many others. When it’s time to box these fragile and delicate belongings, be sure your little one isn’t in the house or asleep. By doing it, you can pack your things properly while ensuring that your child isn’t in danger during the process.

  1. Get childcare

Hiring childcare on a moving day can keep your child safe throughout the transition. By getting someone to take care of them during the relocation, you can be able to pay attention to all aspects of the moving process. Besides, having a chaotic house with several piles of boxes on the side may make it hard for you to do babysitting without getting overly-stressed. To avoid this situation, hire a babysitter or ask some helping hands from your friends or relatives to watch out for your young one until the move is finished.

  1. Work with professional movers

Regardless of the type of your move, getting help from experienced movers near me is beneficial when you’re moving with your child. By working with them, you can be sure that your moving logistics are well taken care of by professionals. That way, you don’t necessarily have to hire someone to keep your kid safe. Remember, seeking professional moving assistance allows you to focus on your little one during this stressful transition.

  1. Keep your child in an enclosed playpen

 It’s difficult indeed to keep an eye on your child while packing up your home. Thus, if you’re on a tight budget and can’t hire someone to look after for them, it’s safe to place them in an enclosed play area with their toys and book around where they can play or engage in an art project. This can be one of the best ways to stay them away from dangerous items that you may keep anywhere as you do the work.

  1. Send your child on a fun outing

When moving, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your little one should always be on your side. If there’s no way that they can play in the house while everything is chaotic, it’s helpful to send them on a fun outing together with a family member or a friend. This will allow them to enjoy while you have the freedom to work as well as peace of mind knowing that your child is safe.

  1. Don’t forget to childproof your new abode

Your child’s safety is still your primary responsibility even after you arrive at your new home. One way to keep them safe after moving is to childproof your new place. First, avoid piling up your boxes everywhere around the house but instead, store them in one place. Get prepared with your first-aid kit including some medicines once you get settled in. When it comes to hazardous items such as wires and cords, make sure you keep them away from your kid’s reach. Moreover, give you’re a little one a safe place for running or walking around. Of course, you should do this under your direct supervision.


As a parent, your child’s welfare will always be your priority. However, keeping them safe can become a big challenge when you’re moving and packing. For you to ensure their safety while working on your moving tasks, follow the tips mentioned above. If, for instance, you’re relocating to New York City, there are reputable moving companies NYC that can make your transition seamless and hassle-free.

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