Are you tired of your garage looking cluttered, dingy, or in desperate need of an update? Have you made plans to remodel your house but aren’t sure what to do with the garage? Here are some things to consider that might help you remake that boring space into a functional and beautiful addition to your home.


The most obvious remodeling job is the exterior, which should be updated along with your house if you’re doing the whole property at once. If not, you can still make the garage look better by installing new garage doors, new trim, adding outdoor light fixtures, and refreshing the paint. These days there are all kinds of garage door types Bell CA and they can help change the entire look of your home. You can even change the configuration of the doors if you choose, although this may require more extensive remodeling.


Maybe the outside of your garage looks great but the inside – not so much. Older houses were often built without the garage having sheetrock or insulation, which can be miserable in the summer or winter, especially if your washer and dryer reside there. Or perhaps you have a newer home but the walls are scuffed and stained from hard use by kids or the family handyman. Either way, a good cleaning, some new wallboard if needed, and a fresh coat of paint will help make your garage much more usable.


Is your garage a cluttered mess? Some quality shelving can work wonders for your space. You’ll be surprised at how much less you hate the garage when it’s organized and you can find anything you need quickly. You might even be able to set aside a dedicated crafting or building space if you don’t have the room elsewhere in your home.

Hopefully you’ve now got some idea of which direction you’d like to go with your garage remodel. Don’t give up, get the job done, and enjoy how much more you’ll like and use the space afterward.