Germs have become a hot topic during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is because Covid-19 is spread by person to person through germs. The CDC has recommended people to wash their hands thoroughly and regularly as well as wear face masks whenever out in public. However, if are at high risk and therefore likely to catch Covid-19, you may want to take further measures to prevent the spread of germs.

Touch Without Using Your Hands

Instead of using your bare hands to touch things like keypads or door handles, use a washable object. In order to maintain germ-free hands, you have to be sure not to touch anything that has germs on it. The only way this is possible is through utilizing a tool. This means you can get in areas or do things without touching a single object. However, be sure to keep your tool clean. If it gets dirty (where you hold it), it no longer is keeping you safe.

Use Wipes

This is a traditional method of keeping things clean, but you can use it in nontraditional places. If you are going out to a park or other public place, you should bring wipes with you. They are a simple, use once and toss solution, and will quickly disinfect an area so you can be clean and safe.

Use an Air Purifier

This may not be something you can do outside of your home or work, but air purifiers can help with infections. People with lung disease or cancer have a greater risk of catching Covid-19. By keeping your air at home clean, you will be able to breathe more clearly, therefore staying healthier and safer.

It can be difficult to stay germ free. However, if you are able to follow some kind of safety protocol, your likelihood of catching Covid-19 will drastically decrease.