Sinus pressure and buildup can be a common occurrence that often turn into major pain. In fact, those with clogged sinuses can experience a host of side effects, such as headaches, facial pain and a severely stuffy nose. The pain can even extend to the ears, jaw and down the neck. These symptoms can impair your everyday life, making it difficult to perform regular tasks and routines. However, there are several remedies worth trying to help resolve the issue.

Professional Treatments

Whether you try ear candling huntington beach ca or sinus dilation, there are many treatments available for those who suffer from sinus issues. Some patients have even found success with massage therapy or acupuncture, which can reduce swelling and improve circulation. Talk to a professional about your symptoms to help determine which approach may be the most beneficial for your situation.

At-Home Care

Home care and prevention can go a long way in treating the congestion, aches and pains caused by sinus problems. Start by sleeping with a humidifier and drinking plenty of water to help thin the mucus in your body. A healthy diet rich in anti inflammatory foods, including spinach, salmon, berries and garlic, can help with painful swelling. Sinus rinses can be very effective in removing the buildup that leads to pressure in the nose, cheeks and ears. Warm compresses can also help ease the pain associated with these issues.

Allergy Medications

While sinus medicines can relieve some symptoms, allergy medications may actually treat the true source of the problem. For certain people, chronic sinus issues are actually the result of allergies, which keep the area inflamed and irritated. By improving these sensitivities, many see a reduction in sinus issues as well.

If congestion, pain and pressure are a frequent issue for you, be sure to see a doctor to rule out any serious conditions, including infection. Then, see if these treatment options can help improve your frequent sinus problems.