At a specific age, getting dressed includes more than just wearing a dress, top or lower- you also need to think of other considerations such as shapewear. Having the right plus size shapewear for plus size women in your wardrobe will enhance your natural body shape, highlight your assets and make you look like women with curves. Believe on us- the secret to look your best begins with the right foundational attire.

Types of shapewear

The days of squeezing your body into uncomfortably right spandex lie in the past. Made with compressed, control panels, form fitting size and shape, breathable materials, the shapewear of today is made perfect to highlight your voluminous shape. With the perfect plus size shapewear, your body will look sleek, smooth and remarkable enhancing your confidence and self-esteem. 

Here are some of the most popular shapewear for plus size women:

Shorts: Shapewear shorts have become a part of your wardrobe just like leggings. Designed to be worn under your pants, leggings, dresses, skirts, these tummy controlling and thigh-shaping undergarments go below the bust to your knee, smoothing out all in between.

Leggings: Just like shapewear shorts, the shapewear leggings have gained a lot of popularity because of their ability to work as a daily clothing staple and a remarkable additional piece of shapewear. They are made of stretchy and breathable materials and recommended for workouts too. They will even out all right from your waist till the ankle.

Slips: They are designed to make a slimming hindrance between you and your dress. Slips are a shapewear when made with the right material will give you contouring effects. They will create clean lines and perfect appearance making them a wardrobe must!

Bodysuits: Another must inclusion in your wardrobe is the bodysuit. They are available in different designs such as bikini cut and full body. They are meant to cover everything right from bust to hip, with some going as long as knee. The best of all, they can be tucked into your favorite lowers such as pants or jeans and worn as a single top. They are recommended for overall shaping. Wear it under any attire to get flattened tummy. The plus size shapewear bodysuits sculpts your entire torso and flattens your stomach, abdomen, waist and back.

Waist trainers: The most classic shapewear recommended for plus size women are waist trainer wholesale. They are available in different forms. Designed after corsets of yesteryear, the modern day designs are made to give you the desirable hourglass body figure by compressing your waist and pushing out the bust.

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