When it’s time to come up with a fabulous corporate gift idea for that special person in the office it’s easy to get really stuck. Books don’t feel right for a corporate gift, clothes are too tricky and a bottle of wine seems just a little too lacking in dazzle. What to do? A corporate gift is really in its own kind of gift category. It’s not for family or for a close friend, but it’s still very important. What to do? Call in a personal shopper? No! The answer is simple: Gift Baskets.

Going Gourmet

When we talk about gift baskets, we don’t mean just any gift basket. What we are talking about is gourmet gift baskets, the kind that will knock the socks off that very special client. These are the gift baskets that are overflowing with goodies that will be savored and enjoyed with family, friends and co-workers, because everything in these baskets is as tasty as can be.

What are the best ingredients for a gourmet basket? You can never go wrong with delicious cheese and crackers in the basket, especially those that are perfectly paired together. Nuts and a selection of olives are also wonderful in a gourmet basket. Round out the  selection with tasty chocolates or cookies, and then of course a bottle of wine or cognac. Wow! The basket then should be wrapped up beautifully with cellophane, ribbon or themed wrapping that puts the whole set of items together beautifully.

The great thing about a gourmet gift basket is that you know it will be greatly appreciated (and devoured quickly). There’s also no set size for a great basket. A smaller basket could have nuts and cheese, or you can order a big basket filled with all kinds of items, like savory snacks as well as candy and dessert items.

Ultimately, you just can’t go wrong with a gift basket, and that’s the truth. So next time you’re stuck for a great gift idea, remember the mantra: Gift basket! Gourmet style!