Choosing your child’s future school is a critical decision that will affect their academic and social trajectory for years to come. With so many different types of schools available to families these days it is important to look carefully when considering a private school for your child. Here are three key factors to look at when choosing a private school for your child.

Accreditation and Curriculum

In order to ensure your child’s elementary through high school experience is top quality and meets standards of rigor and efficacy you want to ensure their school is accredited and utilizes the best curriculum available to students. When schools have accreditation, they have undergone an intensive and thorough process to ensure their schools curriculum and coursework ensures students leave with the knowledge they will require to be successful beyond their primary and secondary school years.

Individualized Pathways to Success

Choosing a private high school in Florida also helps ensure low class sizes and excellent teacher to student ratios to ensure your child receives the support and attention they need to learn best. Also important is a school which looks at each child individually and supports their individual gifts and talents. Ask what opportunities there are for students who may excel above their grade-level in subjects and what support there is for students who may be struggling to learn in certain subject areas.

Extracurricular Opportunities

Your child is unique and needs many different outlets to hone their best skills and talents. Private schools offer many different extracurriculars and groups to help students discover their passions and interests and develop their skills and soft skills in these areas. Make sure your child’s future school is prepared to develop your child in a holistic way which means not just academically but socially, emotionally and recreationally.

While choosing a private school for your child can be intimidating there are many options and so utilize the above three criteria to help you find the perfect match for your child.