Adding a three season porch to your home does more than add value.  It makes your porch space more comfortable and allows you to use it more frequently. Here are some points to think about before building your new porch.

Consider the Windows

Screens are one of the great benefits of a three season porch. The space feels like you are outside without the annoyance of bugs and mosquitoes. However, adding windows can make the porch usable more months of the year.  There are interchangeable window and screen options that give you the ability to exchange one set for another.  When looking at windows, make sure it will match the door on your porch as well.  A cedar screen door is a classic and elegant option.

Ensure Your Measurements are Standard

While custom sizes can create visual interest, opting for standard sizes will keep your labor and materials costs down.  It also saves time if any damage occurs that requires replacements.  Standard sizes will be in stock at your local hardware store, while custom replacements could take weeks to months to arrive on site.

Think about location

If you can, pick a south-facing porch to maximize your sun exposure during the chilly months.  This will increase the amount of time you can use your three season porch.  If facing south isn’t an option, think about which area will give you the best views as well as privacy.  You don’t want to build your porch only to find that you hate using it because it looks into the neighbors living room.

Review Roofing Options

While your porch can be covered with a simple extension of your home’s roof, there are other options.  Skylights and transoms are great options for providing additional ventilation and light to your porch.  You’ll also want to consider roof height and how this will affect your yard.  Your new porch may cast quite a shower that current yard plants won’t thrive in.

Contemplate a Four Season Porch

If you want to have access to your beautiful new porch space year-round, consider opting for a four season porch instead of a three season porch.  The added insulation will ensure you stay warm even during the coldest winter months.  While a completely different project, it’s important to consider if this option is better suited to how you plan to use the space.

There are many benefits to adding a three season porch to your home.  By considering these tips, you can build an additional space for your family to enjoy for years to come.