As a woman, you already likely have a list of health check-ups to keep track of throughout the year, such as visiting your dentist for a cleaning, getting a regular physical at your primary care physician’s office or stopping by the ob-gyn. However, one important screening that might not yet be on your radar is regular digital mammography Augusta GA. Mammography technology, usually referred to procedurally as a mammogram, helps with early breast cancer detection and could even help save your life. Here are some other reasons to prioritize scheduling your next mammogram.

It Captures Helpful Images for Diagnosing Possible Cancer

Digital mammography essentially works by capturing an image of the breast while lowering the amount of radiation you would otherwise be exposed to with other types of mammography technology. A professional radiologist, who can identify potential cancer to be evaluated further, then closely examines this image.

It Can Lead to Early Detection in Symptom-Free Patients

While you might think you don’t need a mammogram because you feel fine, it’s possible to develop cancerous lumps without any symptoms. For this reason, getting a regular mammogram acts as an early detection mechanism to pinpoint issues as early as possible.

It Can Identify Potential Abnormalities

Outside of its cancer screening function, a mammogram can also help identify other potential abnormalities in your breast tissue that could possibly lead to health problems. With a thorough image, it may also be possible to identify the exact location and size of the abnormality in question.

Keeping tabs on all of your health visits can sometimes seem like juggling a lot of balls, but when it comes to digital mammography, making time for an appointment is absolutely critical. A mammogram can potentially identify cancer in an early stage and give you the best chance at getting it successfully treated, so you should look at booking your appointment as an investment in your future well being.