Valuable Tactics You Only Learn In A Guitar School NYC


Most of the self-taught guitarists don’t understand exactly what they need to learn. They may have well-defined objectives which are a good starting point. However, they often don’t use the right strategies to achieve those goals. Practicing aimlessly without reaching musical goals can be extremely discouraging. And even if those goals are achieved, it might take longer than necessary. But one on one guitar classes in NYC help learners to identify their weak areas which require improvement. Here are common dilemmas most guitar students face and their answers.

  • What is the best practicing frequency?

Suppose you practice your guitar 15 minutes per week. To get the basics at your fingertips, it can take you a year or more. If on the other side, you take 15 minutes per day, you will realize quick growth of your guitar skills. And even though people have different learning abilities, you should learn to persevere more. In the long run, those who learn slowly master the skills better since they take time to figure out what they are learning.

  • Is every-day practice necessary?

Yes. It is advisable to practice on a daily basis. Always find time for a little practice before the day ends. You will learn better if you use 10 minutes for guitar lessons in Brooklyn as opposed to one hour every week. When it’s not possible, try to create time during the day e.g. immediately after dinner or the first thing in the morning.

  • What are the best strings to use?

As a beginner, starting with thin strings is the best idea whether playing electric or acoustic guitar. In the electric guitar, thin strings range from 9” – 46” while in electric guitar, you can use 11”- 52”. When shopping, ask for light strings and the supplier should be able to give you the right set. If your fingertips are painful, try the 8” gauge. But it all depends on your personal preferences. There are people who prefer thicker strings and can handle the pain. Note that thicker strings produce deeper sounds, which most artists like. You could be using the lighter strings during practice and use thicker ones when recording so your hand muscles don’t get tired. When it comes to nylon strings, the string thickness or gauge is less significant hence any set can do. Then you can choose between high and low tension.

  • Must you follow the suggested practice routine?

Your guitar classes in NYC suggest morning practice is the best, but can you keep up with the routine? Since every person is different, you must consider a routine that suits you well. If it doesn’t fit in your lifestyle, you can always change it. Only keep the general structure.

Most players are completely oblivious to bad habits and their detrimental effects. The most important thing for guitar players is to correct mistakes. And this is what most guitar teachers emphasize on.

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