As parents we have all seen that family that excels in one area while lacks immensely in others as they are rather one dimensional. The best example is a family full of elite athletes that might lack social skills or struggle in an academic sense. Parents have the job of grooming their children to be as well-rounded as possible as lacking in a certain area can stunt their growth in others. The last thing you want is for your child to be one dimensional and lack skills to survive on their own. The following are areas to concentrate on to have what many would consider well-rounded children.

Physical Fitness

Stressing physical fitness does not mean you have to push your child into a sport that they do not enjoy or excel in. Rather this should stress living an active lifestyle whether it is going for a daily run or taking a leisurely bike ride on the weekend. This can be done as a family as a boy just hitting puberty might want to bulk up but needs help as far as technique of exercises goes. Working out with your teen can be a bonding experience as well as helping them avoid any injuries due to poor form in one area or another.

Personal Hygiene/Pride In Appearance

Personal hygiene is immensely important throughout life as areas like your dental health can worsen over time. Visiting a dental practice like Macleod Trail Dental a few times a year will stress the importance of checkups to your children. Pride in personal appearance is also important whether we want to admit it or not. Everything from romantic relationships to getting a good job can rely at least a little bit on personal appearance. Showing up looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed constantly is not going to be seen as a positive feature so teach your kids to look their best when in public.


Academics are important as it shows discipline to show up to class prepared with assignments being complete. Lack of this discipline can follow a child for life whether it is putting off a big project at work or simply calling in sick to avoid having to do a presentation. Academics at times do not show a child how to do things that they might have to do later in life like file taxes or apply for a loan. Reward your child for good grades to further instill in them that although the grade they received in 8th grade history might not matter in a decade, the work ethic learned to get a higher grade will follow them.

Good Social Skills

Your child needs to develop good social skills so having well-adjusted friends their own age is important. Do not choose your child’s friends and let these friendships develop in a natural way. If your child is involved in sports or the arts they likely will gravitate towards people with similar interests. Manners are lost on some in today’s society so teaching things like treating the wait staff at a restaurant with respect is something you need to teach. It is very easy to see how you act by seeing your child’s actions towards others that are working for them or they feel superior to.