Benefits of Using a Food Chart for Kids


Food chart for kids is more than just guidelines for parents – especially new parents. A healthy food chart for kids is essential to make sure they are getting the right nutrition naturally and more safely. Afood chart includes what type of and how much food and nutrition your child may need to grow normal and healthy. Some food chart for babies also mentions which type of food you should feed at what time of the day to help your baby digest it naturally.

Here’s how a child food chart may help you track the necessary nutrition your child needs to grow normally.

  • A food chart includes all the nutrients that a kid needs to grow healthily.
  • Parents can understand and plan accordingly when they know what food to serve and what to avoid
  • With a variety of food mentioned on a food chart to get essential nutrients, you have various options to serve your child. Say if your child doesn’t like meat, you can help him get the necessary proteins through soya chunks or lentils.
  • As kids’ especially a baby’s digestive system is weak and developing what food to feed in mid-day meals or dinner help you prevent digestive problems in your kids.

Now that you know the benefits of a child food chart, here are some tips to help you make a healthy food chart for kids:

  • Parents should be in charge of meal plans.

You decide what to buy and serve your kids at lunch and dinner.As usual, kids make a fuss about eating healthy or pester you to buy less healthy food and snacks, make sure you don’t give in to their pestering all the time. However, getting them their favorite snack once in a while, so that they won’t feel deprived.

  • Let the kids choose their food.

Though you have the final say, let the kids choose what they want to eat from the food you have served. That way, they will feel included and will only eat whatever you have made for them.

  • Quit the ‘clean-plate club.’

Not every adult has the same appetite and the same applies to the kids. Although your baby food chart may say otherwise, let your kid stop eating if they feel ‘full’. Asking them to overeat won’t help and is also not healthy.

  • Rewrite the kids’ menu.

This may surprise you, but kids do like to experiment with food and taste. If you start involving them in food shopping or the kitchen asking them to do chores such as washing veggies, they will more likely to eat food they helped shop or cook. Try and experiment with new foods with your kids and rewrite your child’s food chart according to their taste and preferences.

With these tips, you can easily make a healthy food chart for kids.

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