Biggest Mistakes Committed by the HCG Dieters


No doubt, HCG Diet is one of the most effective ways to lose weight.

But, you can find some people around you, who claim to have followed their diet religiously without any benefit. Are they lying? Obviously not! There are many HCG dieters who follow the diet rules like a disciplined student but commit some mistakes unknowingly. These mistakes don’t allow them to reap the benefits as much as they expect.

Here, we are listing the biggest mistakes of HCG Diets that can ruin all your dieting efforts. Avoid these mistakes at any cost or you won’t get enough benefits of your HCG Diet ritual.

Not Reading the HCG Diet Manual – The first and most common mistake done by HCG dieters is that they don’t read the manual themselves. Most people tend to buy HCG drops on the recommendation of some friends or relative. And, they do not also bother to read the protocol listed in manual themselves. The HCG Diets have a few requirements that are always listed in the manual. You need to read and stick to the protocol for reaping full benefits.

When you are on an HCG diet you need to avoid any cosmetics with lotion and you are not even allowed to exercise for the period. You need to stick to a very specific list of foods and seasoning while on HCG Diet. If you have already started your diet and have lost the manual then you can visit to get the detailed information about HCG protocol.

Guessing the food portions – Almost every dieter knows what the recommended portion food they are allowed to eat. And, they even follow the instruction while eating. But, instead of measuring the food portion accurately they guess the calorie and protein content of the food.

You must know that the recommended portion control of the HCG Diet is very precise and you are not allowed to make an alteration in the same. So, before going on an HCG Diet, make sure you have a food scale to measure your portions accurately. This is more important when you are in phase 2 of your HCG Diet.

Doing Heavy Exercise while on HCG Diet – This is not only one of the most common but also one of the most dangerous mistakes any HCG dieter can commit. Exercising is strictly prohibited on HCG Diets. In fact, you are recommended to do the minimal physical activity required for your daily life. If your work involves high physical activities, you need to talk to your doctor and get your diet portion altered accordingly. Stick to the diet portion recommended according to the level of your physical activity.

Exercising while on HCG Diet will not only stall your weight loss but can also impact your overall health conditions badly. HCG is a very low-calorie diet and so physical exercise can cause symptoms like low blood sugar, fatigue, dehydration etc.

Eating canned fruits and vegetables – Some people eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables but do the mistake of eating canned fruits and vegetables. You should know that canned fruits and vegetables have added preservatives that can react with the HCG hormones and hinder your weight loss programme. Further, canned vegetables have extra sodium content and the fruits are stuffed with added sugar that can give you empty calories.

By doing the mistake of using canned fruits and vegetables you do not only hinder your weight loss but can also accelerate your rate of weight gains. The canning process of fruits and vegetables robs them of their many nutritional values. So, be sure to buy fresh and unprocessed fruits and vegetables while you are on your HCG Diet.

Using non-organic or wrong cut meat – When you read the HCG manual, you’ll know that HCG diet requires you to eat organic meat. Despite knowing the fact, some people ignore the recommendation due to the unavailability of the organic meat or its high cost. But, you should keep in mind that you cannot substitute organic meat with non-organic meat while on HCG diet. This is because; non-organic meats have hormones and additives that can disturb the function of HCG hormones in your body. You should stick to sea-foods if you can’t get organic meat.

Not only is the non-organic, the wrong cut of organic meat also not recommended with HCG diets. You need to be very careful with cuts of beef and steak because only some types are approved as HCG diets.

Drinking the wrong beverages – Many dieters do the mistake of focusing only the foods allowed on HCG diets and ignore the list of beverages. You have a really small list of beverages to which you have to stick for the period you are on your HCG diets. The list of HCG beverages lists Stevia flavored tea and coffee. But, this does not give you the choice of sipping stevia flavored soda or any other drinks with some additives.

While you are on HCG diet you should mostly stick to drinking lots of water. However, you can take an occasional sip of unsweetened tea or coffee. Any sweetened drink is the biggest foe of any HCG diet and so they are strictly prohibited. The drinks with artificial sweetener are known to release insulin causing inflammation in the body. When you are on HCG diet, they can wreak havoc on the metabolism of your body.

Using a spray or cooking oil – Although most of the dieters know very well that oils can add fat and hence they are a no-no to the HCG diet foods, they use spray or oil because they don’t know how to cook without it. You should note that even a small portion of oil can be bad for your HCG Diet. You need to cook your recopies absolutely oil free.

Search online and you can get hundreds of HCG recopies without a single drop of oil. As oil-free cooking is on trend in non-HCG dieters too, you can even get cookbooks dedicated to steaming, grilling, and oil-free cooking.

Avoid these mistakes and you’ll see the efficiency of HCG in shedding your weight.


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