Simple Tips In Caring For A Loved One With Alzheimer’s At Home


Caring for a loved one with memory loss such as Alzheimer’s disease can be an overwhelming task. A condition that progresses overtime will make it hard for any person do ACLs or Activities of Daily Living with ease. With this, one can expect that they will need someone they can rely on by trying to live a normal life as possible.

Here are some simple tips in caring for loved one with Alzheimer’s at home.

Make safety a priority.

A safe environment is vital for a home with an Alzheimer’s patient. Keep sharp objects such as knives and scissors as well as cleaning supplies and chemicals out of their reach. Label medicines, lock them up and keep the home clutter free. Make sure to secure doors and windows especially if your patient is prone to wandering, but remove locks on bathrooms to prevent them from being locked in. Always have some kind of identification on them with your contact details just in case they get lost.

Create a simple daily routine.

Those with Alzheimer’s tend to be confused when it comes to simple task, so make sure to give them time and space while doing a scheduled routine every day. Allow them to do their tasks by themselves with the least possible assistance to make them feel less independent to retain their dignity.

Communicate effectively.

Use short sentences and a calm voice when talking to Alzheimer’s patients. Make sure to use proper eye contact and to call them by their names. Provide simple instructions and a step by step guide so as not to overwhelm or confuse them. Make sure to give them options by providing choices. Make sure to address their concerns, and not to interrupt when they are trying to explain something.

Let them do activities that suits their interest.

Keeping them happy should also be included on your list. Short activities with simple tasks are the best way to keep them entertained. Such activities will also help them maintain functional skills as well as socializing skills if they are to do it with you or someone else. Find activities that you both can enjoy and appreciate such as playing a simple game or a short walk at the park.

Seek for assistance.

Since caring for someone at home with Alzheimer’s is a big responsibility, knowing when you needed help is vital. With our busy lives plus the amount of care and attention you need to provide to your loved one with Alzheimer’s, it is understandable that you also need support. There are lots of organizations that specializes in home health care in Houston. With personalized care provided by trained caregivers, you’re sure your loved one is in good hands.

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s doesn’t have to be that stressful. Learn how to deal with the stress that comes with it and make sure also to take care of your well-being. With the simple tips mentioned above, you will eventually learn how to deal with the critical task at hand.

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