If you’ve been keeping up with the latest health and wellness trends, you may have heard about IV vitamin therapy. Whether it’s administered at an IV and infusion center Columbia MD or a more general medical office, IV vitamin therapy has become more popular in recent years, although the scientific jury is largely still out on whether having vitamins injected into your bloodstream is effective and worth it. If you’re considering getting vitamin therapy, there are a few things you should know first. Take a look.

It’s Useful for Gastrointestinal Patients

If you have gastrointestinal conditions and can’t absorb nutrients from your food, getting vitamins through an IV drip could help you get the nutrition you need and can even be a lifesaver. Similarly, if you don’t get enough food on a regular basis, a vitamin drip could help boost your energy levels. However, if you don’t have a condition that requires getting vitamins directly into your bloodstream, making sure you eat a balanced diet and, if necessary, taking a multivitamin supplement could achieve similar nutritional results.

Different Vitamin Drips Are Available

If you have a specific vitamin deficiency, IV therapy could be a targeted solution. There are many different ingredients available, including vitamin C, magnesium and the B vitamins, so you can find a drip for whatever nutrients your body needs.

Proponents Claim It Relieves Stress

Among vitamin drip aficionados, an IV treatment is said to be a great stress reliever. In fact, some fans will get vitamin drips simply to feel rejuvenated, or as a hangover cure. While it has not been proven that IV vitamin therapy helps with stress levels, the extra hydration and even the self-care routine involved could potentially help you relax.

IV vitamin therapy can have numerous health benefits and could even be a soothing part of your personal care regimen. With these facts under your belt, you can feel confident about choosing the wellness therapy that works best for you.