3 Tips for Being a Better Teen Driver


Does your teen love to get behind the wheel of the family vehicle or even their car or truck? If so, they are not alone.

With countless teens driving, it should not be a surprise that some end up in accidents. Whether their fault or the fault of others, it is important to learn lessons from such incidents.

That said does your teen know all the keys to being a good driver?

In the event he or she does not, now would be a good time to remind them of the importance of being a good driver.

Give Your Teen the Keys to Success

So that your teen can be at his or her safest out there on the roads, keep in mind the following keys:

  1. Responsibility – Having car keys and putting them in the ignition comes with responsibility. That said make sure your teen understands that from day one. Although one can have fun while behind the wheel, driving is a privilege. As such, your teen needs to know what to do and what not to do when they get out on the road.
  2. Habits – The habits your teen develops driving will influence their ability to drive. As an example, does your teen have a habit of looking at their cell phone will driving? If so, this can prove to be a recipe for disaster. Your teen shouldn’t text or answer a text, call or answer a call, and look up info on the phone will engaged in driving. That second or two they do can turn out to be tragic.
  1. Vehicle – No matter if it is your vehicle or your teen bought, vehicle maintenance is crucial. For example, show your teen from day one the importance of safety checkpoints on a vehicle. Tire inflation, brake checks, fluid levels full, and lights working all prove critical.

Reward Your Teen for Good Driving Skills

There’s a good chance that you rewarded your child over time for good grades, work around the home, and other tasks.

That said there is nothing wrong with rewarding your teen for having good driving habits too.

Letting your teen know you are proud of them for being a sound driver is fine. You may put money for simple maintenance, allow more use of the family vehicle, or help them buy their own.

Last, instill good habits that your teen can use even when they may be feeling pressure from their peers.

It is no secret that some teens have a desire to drink and drive, especially during proms and graduation. As such, the risk becomes much higher of trouble ensuing. By telling and showing your teen they do not have to engage in such actions, they will be all the safer for it.

As a parent, do your best to inspire your teen to be a great driver over time.

In doing so, they are much more likely to avoid accidents at all costs.

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