Gender selection is a procedure wherein a couple wishing to have child can have a hand on selecting the sex or gender of their child prior to the conception.

Every couple has the dream of having their own baby but in some cases, couples want to choose sex of their own child like so some parents prefer a boy others prefer a girl. To select the gender of their child, couples try different techniques. In the age of technology, choosing the sex of baby is possible.

Pre-selecting gender of embryo or the selection of gender has been divisive issue. Although this has been ongoing practice for decades, with the sperm sorting and the other methods. Some support the treatment of gender selection and others criticize this practice. In the modern world, couples used up-to-date methods to choose the gender.

Some methods are discussed here as example:

The Dietary Program

According to the researchers at a Maastricht University in Netherlands, mother’s diet actually matters for gender of a baby. If the woman wants a girl then she should set her diet, she should eat foods in which magnesium and calcium are high like oranges, oatmeal, tofu, yogurt, spinach, almonds, beans, and cashews.

Additionally the foods that are high in salt and potassium should be avoided like pastries, eat, smoked meat, anchovies, meat, and olives. The results of this research showed 77 percent success rate.

Embryologist examining folicular fluid using microscope

The Gender Selection Kits

Buying the sex-selection kit may provide you with each and everything that you may need to choose gender of your kid, including the douches, vitamins and the tools for an artificial insemination that may done at home. The models of gender selection kit may be different depend on a company that sells these kits. There are different concepts and theories about which tools and supplements will affect the gender of a child. There are thousands of gender selection kits have been sold.

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)

When in vitro fertilization is used in conceiving baby then the preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) can be used to affect the child’s gender. Usually PGD is used for decreasing risk of the genetic disorders in child, it can use for the gender selection as well. In most area, sex selection is allowed in the situation where the medical reasons are issue. There are many questions or the religious objections have been raised about the PGD, so this process is not commonly used.

pH Monitoring

The timing of orgasm of woman may affect gender of a baby. pH monitoring may also affect the gender. The theory tells that when the woman orgasms this changes the balance of pH in vaginal area and makes it alkaline. Y chromosome is more sensitive to pH balance.

If you want to conceive the boy then you have to orgasm before man create alkaline environment before the ejaculation.


This process separates sperm that is based on amount of the genetic material. If the sperm has X chromosome then this chromosome carries 2.8 percent more genetic material than the sperm with Y chromosome. The MicroSort used to wash the sperm in order to remove the seminal fluid then sperm stained with the special kind of the fluorescent material. Fluorescent signature helps X and Y chromosomes to be divided and identified. The signature is allowing the desired gender sperm to use for the fertilization.