Tips to Take Care of a Premature Baby


A premature baby, also known as, a preterm baby, is a baby born before a standard period of nine months. Goes without saying, a premature baby needs extra intensive care and protection. It is quite natural to feel worried about taking the baby outside the hospital even if it is your very home you’re taking it to.

With just some extra care and precaution, you and your baby will be good to go. Check out everything right from the ideal baby diet plan to general baby care tips now!

  1. Check the temperature

It is very important for a premature baby to be living in a safe and comfortable temperature. Thus, it is crucial to maintain the room temperature and keep checking on it all the time. One way you can ensure this is by bringing home a digital thermometer and setting the axillary temperature between 36.5 degree Celsius and 37.3 degree Celsius. Check on the layer of clothing your baby has and add or subtract these layers as per the temperature.

  1. Making sure your baby sleeps nice and tight

Comfort and silence are what give babies a peaceful goodnight’s sleep. And in order to keep your baby healthy and active, sleep is the key. Set the perfect environment for your baby. Cool to moderate temperature and dim lights are what you need. Preterm babies also tend to get hungry during the night. So make sure they’re fed appropriately throughout the night.

  1. Safe baby baths

The water used to bathe your baby has to be warm and not hot. Take special care when it comes to rinsing the baby’s head. Use no soap or shampoo. Plain water works best. Post the bath; do not use any baby lotions or oils at least until your baby turns a month old. Sponge bathing is highly recommended till the baby touches the bodyweight of 2.5 kgs.

  1. Kangaroo care and breastfeeding at all times

Kangaroo care is that practice that brings babies and mothers closer to each other just by the touch of their skins. It has a number of benefits such as improved heart and respiratory rate, enhanced oxygenation, facilitates breastfeeding conveniently and promotes growth. At home, let your baby wear just the diaper. Keep the baby on your chest with his/her head towards one side. Make sure to practice this as and when possible to make the most out of its benefits.

  1. Avoid going to public places

Preterm babies are more susceptible to infections or bacteria. Going around in public places or too many visitors in the house might escalate the probability of your baby catching one. Avoid this by restricting your baby indoors. Make sure you and everyone else encountering the baby washes their hands before they touch the baby.

Also, make sure you ask your doctor about a balanced diet chart plan and include all the essentials in your baby meals.

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