Tips to ensure timely social development among children


Children are like a lump of clay. They can be molded in any way one wants during the first few years of their life.  Hence, the first few years are crucial for both the child and the parent. The job of a parent is to monitor their milestones and also guide them towards the right practices and habits so that they grow up as smart, thinking and independent individuals.

A child has various developmental milestones to attain including gross motor skills, fine motor skills, cognitive skills, language skills, social skills, and so on. Thanks to the current family set up. Most live in a nuclear family set up where both parents are working. As a result, the social development in children lacks as compared to the earlier days. Hence, parents need to work on the child and help them develop these social skills so that they can mingle easily with others.

Here are some tips that will help in developing social skills in children:

Tip 1: Observe the child:

Just as it is not an easy task to be a parent, similarly, it is not an easy task to be a child also. The first tip that parents need to keep in mind is to observe the child and see where is he or she faltering and withdrawing. This observation will help the parent in reaching out to the child and helping them overcome the hurdle.

Tip 2:  Concentrate on protein-rich food:

A lot of research has been done and it has been noticed that preschoolers or toddlers who have good healthy food have better social development than others do. Hence, it is imperative that they are served protein rich food for kids on a daily basis. Foods such as egg, lentils, ragi, mercury-free fish and lean meat are a good form of protein.

Tip 3: Let them play with kids:

Thanks to the nuclear family set up, most kids only get to spend time with elders. In order to improve their social development skill, it is important that we let them have free playtime with other kids.  Remember that kids pick up and learn from other children by looking at them. So, a trip to the nearby park and organizing play dates for them is a good way to make them socially active.

Tip 4: Introduce them to school at an appropriate age:

Going to school is a good way to ensure that social development in childrenis happening at an age-appropriate pace.  Nowadays, there are various platforms like playschool then Montessori and then nursery and so on. These classes help to introduce children to basic concepts of life and also help them in interacting with their peer age group.

Hope the above tips along with protein rich food for kids,will help your child in timely social development. In case, the child still lags behind in this parameter, then consult your pediatrician for an expert opinion on the same.

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