Watching a child complete elementary school will be undoubtedly emotional for you, and incredibly exciting for them. It’s one of the first of many educational and professional milestones in a child’s life and should be commended. Celebrate their achievement with one of these small gift or experiences that will inspire to keep growing — and that they’ll remember throughout their life.

A book membership or library card

Celebrate the graduate’s accomplishments with the gift of more knowledge. A library card or a book club membership will encourage them to keep reading and expand their horizons beyond the classroom.

A fun-in-the sun necklace

For the kid who likes to accessorize, treat them to a color-changing necklace that pairs with every outfit, and will undoubtedly have their friends talking for days.

A graduation party

Allowing a child to help organize their own party not only helps them realize how big of an accomplishment graduating is, it shows teaches them to celebrate their peers’ accomplishment as well.

An instant camera

Awaken your graduate’s interest in the visual arts with an instant camera they can use at their grad ceremony and beyond. Small instant cameras are becoming more available online and are a great precursor to an expensive digital option. And who knows — maybe this will be the gift that puts them on the cover of National Geographic someday!

Custom-made sweet treats

Surprise your graduate and their fellow classmates with personalized cookies or cupcakes that let them know how special — and smart — they are.

A special trip with the family

Celebrate the major moment with a road trip or small vacation with your graduates loved ones. Let your child pick the next family road trip to express your pride in their accomplishments.

A smartphone

A smartphone is one way to reward a graduate while teaching them responsibility at the same time. There are an array of smartphones available with different capabilities that you can cater to suit you and your child’s needs. As they head off to middle school, one with calling and texting capabilities will help you keep in touch with them. You can work with your child to determine when to add games, social media, etc. to their plan.

A graduation-themed stuffed animal

A stuffed animal is a classic way to say congratulations. Find them a stuffed version of their favorite animal holding a diploma or graduation cap that they can carry with them throughout their academic career.

A dinner of their choosing

It might sound cheesy, but time spent together with family and friends is one of the best gifts you can offer. Take your graduate to a restaurant of their choosing, and surprise them by having a server bring out their favorite dessert or by having cake when you get home.

A LEGO kit

For every interest, there is a LEGO kit. Surprise your favorite grad with a LEGO set that will keep them busy over summer vacation and help them learn. They’ll feel even more accomplished after building an intricate scene or character, and  it’ll keep them busy.