Finding the perfect gift for an infant is a wonderful feeling, especially if you find a special keepsake that a child may hold on to for a long time. Instead of the usual stuffed animal or blanket, here are four keepsake gift ideas for a new baby.

Personalized Book

Imagine being a young child and reading a book that stars you as the main character. Apersonalized birthday book for child can give the new baby in your world just that. These picture books can be personalized by an illustrator to feature a little one’s defining features and their name. It will be a keepsake for many years throughout their childhood.

A Painting

Although new parents can find prints or copies of works of art in many different places, there is a very special touch to gifting a baby an original painting for their nursery. Any handmade gift for a baby is one-of-a-kind, but a painting may hang on a wall for years to come. Even when a nursery becomes a little kid’s room and that becomes an opinionated teen’s room, there will always be a place for a specially created painting in a home.

A Religious Item

If the new baby is part of a religious family, purchasing a special gift that honors their family’s traditions is a very thoughtful gift. Whether it’s a necklace, book, or figurine, the gesture will show how well you know the happy family with a new baby.

Family Heirloom

Passing on a family heirloom to a little one is also a special gesture. Although the baby may not appreciate the present right away (or for several years), it will undoubtedly be something they will treasure for many years as they grow older.

A gift for a newborn baby can be personal, special, and stand the test of time.