At the age of two, most toddlers begin to verbalize quite a bit. They progress from understanding perhaps a 100 words to knowing a term for almost every object. Sentence structure becomes more elaborate. Questions are asked. Some kids, however, deviate from the traditional language development. These kids may be quite frustrated, throwing frequent tantrums because they cannot express themselves well. For those youngsters, parents may want to try the following five tips.

Find a Speech Therapist

A speech therapist has studied various techniques to engage children. Many of their activities are play-based, showing that words are not meant to be tough but fun. A professional may be able to conference once a week, giving parents some useful practice tasks. 

Enroll in School

When kids hear and see peers, they may understand the need to verbalize more. Locate an institution such as a preschool programs Fairport NY that focuses on individual development. Simply being in a class with others might be the encouragement needed.

Play Music

Children’s songs are developed with repetitive vocabulary and syntax. These fun jingles may drive parents crazy at times, but they prove quite valuable in instilling concepts. Consider looking some up online as they pair visual images with the tunes. Spend 30 minutes a day, listening and singing along.

Read Books

Pick up some short books, particularly ones that have pop ups or pull tabs. The short sentences are easier to comprehend and won’t overwhelm a struggling speaker. In addition, the movement of opening and closing things on the page engages the reader, maintaining concentration and minimizing stress. Don’t feel bad about sticking with the same story or two for an entire week. That is actually a benefit as the language becomes more familiar.

Don’t fret if your loved one isn’t talking like the others. Some kids take more time. Reach out to specialists and search for things that make words fun.